How to choose and get the most from your accountant

SBM & Co understands that choosing an accountant is a big deal, and that a lot of time and effort can go into sourcing the right accountancy firm for your requirements. Below we have listed some key points to consider when you come to choose your accountant.

  • Ensure that your accountant is available whenever you need them
  • Make sure that your accountant understands your queries, and can provide you with straightforward solutions
  • Test your accountant’s knowledge when it comes to the world of business. Are they able to provide you with sound advice?
  • Enquire as to whether they provide office visits
  • Ask your accountant about their plans to help minimise your tax liability
  • Make sure they are aware of any questions you would like answered ahead of meetings and office visits
  • Ensure your chosen accountant offers competitive fixed fees
  • Test out your accountant’s response times
  • Enquire as to which member of their team will be working with you
  • Review the services that your accountant offers, and ask yourself if they cover all of your queries
  • Agree in advance the timescales for the completion of any work
  • Obtain a copy of your accountant’s engagement letter, and review this to ensure nothing has been left out
  • Finally, ensure that your chosen accountant takes the time to listen to you, and that they understand your requirements.

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